Native American Powwow 2014 Calendar

Celebrating The Native American Powwow

Powwow 2014 Wall Calendar

The Native American Plains Tribes have gathered together since the 1800s to celebrate their rich heritage in a ceremony called the Powwow. This tradition has continued into to today’s culture with an emphasis on the spiritual and also competitive dancing. Brilliantly colorful photographs from Chris Roberts decorate this calendar for 2013. The photos share the tradition and captures the energy of the dancers who proudly preserve their ancestral traditions.

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Powwow 2014 Wall Calendar


  • Format: Standard Wall
  • Size Closed: 13 3/4 inches by 10 3/4 inches
  • Size Opened: 27 1/2 inches by 10 3/4 inches
  • Grid Size: Medium Rectangle
  • ┬áBinding: Stapled
  • Time Span: 12 month +4
  • Publisher: Tide-Mark

The word pow-wow or powwow is derived from a Narrangansett word meaning “spiritual leader”. The modern powwows include both Native and non-Native peoples who come together to socialize, sing, and dance. Mostly it is a time to honor the cultures of the Native American Peoples and their rich history on the North American continent.

You can pre-order the Powwow 2014 Calendar now with shipment expected to begin around August 1, 2013.

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